Jacob (a.k.a.  J-Bone), began complaining of leg pain in October 2018. As a typical healthy 11 year-old boy, he had been diagnosed with growing pains by his pediatrician, which is very common.  A few months later and an unimaginable evening of extreme leg pain on Saturday, March 16th, we took him to get an x-ray of his leg. We were immediately sent to CHOP's ER and learned that Jacob had a very rare form of bone cancer, called Ewing's Sarcoma.  Jacob is now known as our "Ewing's Sarcoma Warrior" and YOU who are reading this, are a member of his army. 

Jacob's treatment plan would consist of 14 rounds of chemotherapy, a major orthopedic surgery half way through, and extensive physical therapy. All of this was so hard to comprehend. Fast forward a few months and we are now almost through with chemo and have overcome Jacob's major surgery. However, with cancer, nothing is guaranteed. Shortly after his surgery, we learned that the pathology report showed a positive margin in his knee. This news was completely devastating. We hoped and tried to save his leg, but couldn't. Now faced with an even tougher decision, we believe that to give Jacob the best chance at living cancer-free, Jacob will have to undergo another major surgery that will result in the loss of his right leg.